CALL TO ACTION:  Send Your Support of SB 198

HHP needs your support to help move SB 198, which will be heard in the Senate Business and Professions Committee on April 17. Click here for a link to a sample letter you can use to send to Senator.Galgiani@Sen.ca.gov, Senator.Hill@Sen.ca.gov, and Senator.Bates@Sen.ca.gov.

HHP previously reported on its efforts to introduce legislation (SB 198: Senator Galgiani) that would expand the scope of practice for Hearing Aid Dispensers to include cerumen management, subject to specified requirements, including that the hearing aid dispenser demonstrates specified proficiency in cerumen management and that cerumen management only occur under physician and surgeon supervision. The bill would additionally authorize tympanometry as an allowable hearing test if it is only used for further referral to a physician and surgeon for diagnosis or treatment. 

HHP had great responses to SB 198 during the Lobby Day event!  HHP also advocated strongly for children’s access to hearing services.

Song-Beverly Warranty Act Law Update: Changes Effective 1/1/2015

HHP has previously reported that sponsored legislation, SB 1326 (Roth), signed by the Governor, provides clarity and specificity to the existing warranty provisions for hearing aids. (The “warranty” referred to here is in reference to the “return privilege” allowed to consumers in the Song-Beverly Warranty Act and not manufacturers’ warranties on the hearing aids.)

The law changes are effective January 1, 2015. The new language clarifies the initial start date and expiration date of the warranty and also the “tolling” period when the warranty is suspended for either service or repair. The tolling will be 45 days, effective 1/1/2015.

Previously, the law provided specific language of a 30-day warranty “upon completion of fitting,” but the uniqueness of the fitting process for hearing aids has created ambiguity on when the 30-day warranty period begins and ends. This ambiguity can result in hearing aid dispensers being obligated for service, repairs or refunds indefinitely. For example, the licensing Board has interpreted that the 30-day full refund “warranty” may be considered to toll, or restart, whenever the purchaser returns for a service that may include reprogramming or adjustment of the hearing aid. This has resulted in some fittings having a full refund given beyond 90 days from the date of delivery.

You can view the full bill language by clicking the link provided below. HHP has also prepared a sample purchase agreement and sample revised warranty form for repairs.

Read SB 1326 (Roth)
Sample 2015 Sales & Delivery Documentation
Sample Expiration of Fitting Warranty on Repairs

Call to Action:  SB 1326 (Roth) is on its Way to the Governor’s Desk
The HHP-sponsored bill, SB 1326 (Roth), successfully passed out the legislature on August 11, 2014 and is now with the governor for consideration. HHP needs a STRONG show of support from as many members as possible.  So please write your letter of support to the governor today. This bill provides clarity and specificity to the existing warranty provisions for hearing aids.

Sample Letter to the Governor

HHP Awards Assembly Member Holly Mitchell 2013 Legislator of the Year

Assemblymember Holly Mitchell has been essential with assisting HHP in its efforts to combat the Medi-Cal policy revision in enacted by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). Therefore, she is being honored as one of HHP’s Legislators of the Year for 2013.

Assembly member Holly J. Mitchell was elected in November 2010 to represent the 47th Assembly District. She chairs the Assembly’s Budget Sub-committee on Health & Human Services, and is a member of the Committees on Accountability & Administrative Review, Appropriations, Budget, Health, and Public Safety.

Tools To Communicate & Work With Legislators

How to find a state elected official


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The HHPCA PAC supports local representatives and legislation that is in the best interest of HHP and their patients. Any member that contributes to the PAC will receive a certificate of appreciation presented by the President of HHP at the annual convention. If you have any questions about the HHPCA PAC, please call us at 916-447-1975 or email us at hhpca@hhpca.org

Please consider contributing to the PAC today. We put your donations to good use. We have created a PAC Contributions Form for your convenience.

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